Calculate Building Material Quantities and Costs by Stage

Use the floor plan above as a guide to entering room measurements

Your own design can have a different shape but the calculations are valid

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Total Unit Total
Item Unit Qty Cost Cost
House Wiring Red 1.5mm No
House Wiring Black 1.5mm No
House Wiring Earth 1.5mm No
Earth Wire 10mm No
House Wiring Black 2.5mm No
House Wiring White 2.5mm No
Earth Wire 2.5mm No
Red 6mm No
Black 6mm No
Armoured Cable 16mm No
Weather Deck 16mm No
Double Socket 13 Amp No
Cooker unit 6X3 No
Single Socket 13 Amp No
Switch 1 gang 1 way No
Switch 3 gang 2 way No
Switch 3 gang 2 way No
Geyser Switch No
MCB 5 Amp Single Pole No
MCB 10 Amp Single Pole No
MCB 20 Amp Single Pole No
MCB 30 Amp Single Pole Isolator No
MCB 60 Amp Single Pole Isolator No
Fluorescent Fitting 4ft No
Lamp Fitting No
Outdoor Wall Bracket Fitting No
Meter Box No
Flush Box 3x3 No
Flush Box 6x3 No
Distribution Board No
Pvc Conduits 19mm No
Pvc Couplings 19mm No
Pvc Nipples 19mm No
Round Box No
Saddles No
Woodscrews No
Room Name Room Length Room Width
Main Bedroom
Walk in closet
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3
Bedroom 4
Bedroom 5
Bedroom 6
Family lounge